4 Contoh Recount Text Inggris

4 Contoh Recount Text Inggris

Recount Text.
A text which functions to retell an event in chronological order is called recount text. Chronological order means writing in the order in which an events happened. Recount text is factual past events. In other words, recount presents the past experiences in order of time or place.
A recount consists of orientation, events, and reorientation. kinds of texts which belong to recount are personal experience, news reports, historical books, biographies, autobiographies, and diary entries.
Recount text usually use “simple past tense: S+V1/s/es”
general structure of a recount are orientation, events, and reorientation. Events may consists of one or more events.
Examples for recount text:

1) Experience inforgettable

Be the winner in English Contest
everyone would have the experience unforgettable. and I also have it.
one day I joined an English story telling contest like a competition at school, and I was the winner. Then the next day, me and two of my friends who as the winners were chosen to joined the competition at the district level. I felt very happy when I was chosen.

I had to memorize the story one day. Then, I went to school with impassioned for exercise with two of my friends, we were given advice from our teachers about pronunciation, facial expression, gestures, and appreciation. And one day before performing my friends and I were busy prepared props and costumes for tomorrow. That made me sad, I strange why two of my friends rented a costume to the salon by my teacher, but my teacher told me to borrowed the costume to my teacher another. My two friends had a beautiful costumes and luxurious props. But I just wore a simple while costume loan and props. But never mind, with this simplicity I was promise to be the best.

competition started, the three of us busy to prepared make up and costume in our home. We prayed along the way.I got serial number to 29, it means I will perform on 2 p.m afternoon. While my friends got serial number 5 and 10. One by one participant called and my heart was pounding because I saw other participants from favorite junior high school had a luxurios costumes and beautiful make-up but I just wore a costumes loan, props loan and simple make up too. Then after I waited a long time, a master ceremony called me with the serial number 29, I was nervous, and I showed my best performance on stage. Lots of people were took photos and videos to me, it makes the atmosphere more tense.

Finally, anxiety was gone because I had finished performing. And then the announcement of winners that made three of us very uneasy. And the jury announced the results, eng ing eeenngg suddenly jury said ” the third winner of story telling english competition are non Rianti with sequence number 29 from 1 Limbangan junior high school, give applause and please to the stage ” we all do not believe me, My teachers, my friends and I cried because I became a winner, while two of my friends were not. I went to the stage and all the judges congratulated me and gave a plaque, trophy, and money. I am very happy and proud to my self can made fragrant my school with my talent.

That was my experience unforgettable, that I joined a competition and became a third winner of the English contest,though I wore a costumes loan, props loans, and make up by my mother.the key of be the winner are we must to fighting and still pray to god. I promise to provide the best in senior high school now.

2) My amazing vacation

I had an amazing vacation, I went to Dunia Fantasi Ancol with my big family. I felt very happy because it’s the first vacation that I went to Dufan.

I saw many games there like roller coaster, bianglala, hysteria, carrosel, and many more. I took a picture with a clawn, the clawn is very cute. But my nephew cried because he scaried to clawn. I tried some games like bianglala, carrosel, and went to the ghost tunnel. And then My sisters and I tried cable car, I saw a beautiful scenery, and overall vehicle can looked in here on the cable car, of course My sisters and I took a picture too.

And then we played around in the beach for saw a sunset. I looked a sunset there, it’s the first moment that I can saw a sunset with my big family in the ancol beach, a sunset is very beautiful. Then I had dinner in a small restaurant in foreshore we ate fried fish, grilled crab, and a delicious cake for dissert.

Finally we came to home on midnight and arrived at home on morning, I felt very tired but It’s fun. It’s my experience unforgettable in my life. I’m very satisfied had vacation to the Dunia Fantasi Ancol.

3) Santolo Beach

Last holiday, My family and I went to Santolo beach. We spent one day two night there and stayed at small hotel in the beach. We rented a car for transportation.

We went to the beach on afternoon because I want to saw a sunset. I felt very happy because we arrived on 05.00 a.m it means I will see a sunset. Then I saw that sunset I’m realy happy.

next time I played in the beach we swam together, made a palace from sand, played a banana boots, and many more.
Finally we came to home, but I bought a souvenir for my friends like keychains from clam, bracelet, and accessories. We arrived at home on 08.00 p.m I felt very happy can trip to the santolo beach as a favorite beach in garut. I hope I can vacation to another tourist site in the next holiday.

4) An amazing Study Tour

Last holiday, two years ago My friends and I went to study tour to Yogyakarta. We spent one day two night there. And we started on the way on 11.00 p.m.

My bus arrived on 05.00 a.m in mosque, there we prepared to first tourist site that is Borobudur temple. And then we arrived in Borobudur temple, I felt very happy, and I saw an amazing temple ever, the tample is very beautiful, and I saw people from Korea. I took many pictures there with my friends, I had lunch there with my friends and my teacher. Then, we went to the next tourist site that is Gembira Loka Zoo.

Finally, we went to bought many souvenirs in Malioboro, we bought many Bakpia, T-shirts, necklace, and many more for my family in my home. I think it’s the best study tour, because I can saw the biggest temple in the world. And We came to home on 10 p.m.

That is my experience unforgettable, I hope I can go to another tourist site in my senior high school now.

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