Contoh teks Narrative dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita disampaikan dalam tiga langkah. Pertama, Anda harus memperkenalkan karakter dan pengaturan. Bagian ini disebut Orientasi. Kemudian Anda menyajikan masalah atau konflik dalam cerita. Hal ini disebut komplikasi. Bagian terakhir adalah solusi dari masalah atau endingof cerita tersebut. Hal ini disebut resolusi. Ketiga langkah biasanya disebut struktur umum dari teks naratif.

Narrative Text (in english)

A narrative text is a text that tells a story. It recounts events that have happened. social function of narrative text is to amuse or entertain the readers with actual of imaginary experiences in different ways.

Stories are conveyed in three steps. First, you have to introduce the characters and the setting. This part is called Orientation. Then you present the problem or the conflict in the story. It is called Complication. last part is the solution of the problem or the endingof the story. It is called resolution. Those three steps are usually called the general structure of a narrative text.

In conclusion, orientation contains about who were involved in the story, when, and where introduces specific participant and setting. Complication contains a problem which arises followed by other problems. Complication explores the conflict in the story. It shows the crisis, and climax of the story. Resolution shows the situation which the proble, have been resolved.

Stories belong to narrative. There are many kinds of stories. They can be imaginary, factual, or the combination of both. following are kinds of narrative text, such as fables, folktales, adventures stories, fairy tales, myths, legends, short stories, and science fiction.
Do most stories end can be tragic, sad, or happy ending.

Contoh teks narrative:

Legend of Golog Stone
Folklore from West Nusa Tenggara

Once upon a time, there was a family of farmers. father’s name was Amaq Lebain and the mother’s name was Inaq Lebain. They had two children, a son and a daughter. They lived happily.

parents really loved their children. Every time they went farming, they always brought they children to the rice fields.

One day the father went to the market to sell their harvest Meanwhile, the mother went to the rice field alone to pound the rice. And as always, she brought the children to the rice field.

“Pllease take care of our children. I won’t to be long in the market. I will go to the rice field after I finish selling the harvest,” said the father.

“I will be careful,” said the mother.

“Okay, Mother,” said the children.

Later the mother was busy pounding the rice. It was quite noisy. Strangely, every time the mother pounded the rice, the stone where the children were sitting down was growing. children were scared. They screamed.

“Mother? stone is getting taller!” They screamed.

mother could not hear them well. She thought the children asked her to go home.

“Just the minutes kids, I will finish this soon,” said the mother.

“But mom, the stone is getting taller. We were scared,” the children were crying.

“Be patient, I will finish pounding the rice soon,” said the mother.

Again, she could not hear them well. It was repeated again and again. golog stone was getting taller and taller and finally it reached the clouds. children could not be seen it anymore.

When the mother finished pounding the rice, she was shocked! She could not find her children. She was crying. She then prayed to God. She wanted to bring her children down but she did not know how to do it. Somehow God answered her pray. She had to use the rice pounder to cut down the Golog stone.

Then she hit the stone with the rice pounder. Amazingly, the stone broke down into three pieces. first part fell in an area which later called Gembong Village. second part fell in area which was later named Dasan Batu, and the last part fell in area which later was named Montong Teker. Unfortunately, the two children could not come back to their mother. They had changed into birds.

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