Plus size men

Swimming pools, a belly, a bottom that is far from flat, developing mammary glands, excess kilos also leave visible marks in men. But men have an advantage, they lose body weight more easily than women, but just like women, they have to intervene to reverse the weight gain. You are a man and you want to lose weight? That’s good news, it will be easier for you than for your girlfriend. Why? Because men naturally burn more calories with activity than women, even though the activity is the same. In theory, a man should lose weight faster than a woman, but of course he must first really want to lose weight!

Yet men pay much less attention to what they eat than women. They eat less fruit and vegetables, their diet is fattier and they drink more alcohol . In general, men’s diets are not as balanced as women’s. The natural advantage that men have naturally disappears due to their consumption pattern. Moreover, men also appear to have a lot of prejudices about diets . For them, the word is a synonym of a ban on all pleasure, while that does not have to be the case.

It is also a fact that in addition to their nutritional weaknesses, men are not afraid of significant physical exertion, they often go running in the hope of staying healthy, or they take family or friends to go cycling just to get some exercise. to give examples. And men have another advantage in terms of weight loss and not a small one: the lost kilos are often not regained, in contrast to women, as you may know from experience!

Prolonged effort

Man is endowed by nature with a few benefits, but that does not mean that miracles exist. A man who goes on a diet only has a chance of success if he changes his dietary habits and if he takes more exercise . This does not have to involve heroic efforts, an hour of brisk walking a day (with the dog, for example) and going swimming a few times a week is more effective than an hour of squash a week and no major lifestyle changes.

Tips to promote weight loss :

  • give yourself the necessary time to make changes and set an achievable goal such as losing a maximum of two to three kilos per month.
  • respect the rules you set in the beginning (that’s a challenge in itself) and see a diet as a way of eating differently instead of boring food.
  • do yourself a favor every now and then to continue making efforts and avoid frustration.
  • choose a diet that suits you (your personality, your lifestyle, etc.)
  • don’t follow so-called miracle diets and foods that would make you lose weight. Often they are nothing more than traps.
  • seek guidance from a professional healthcare provider (doctor, dietitian) if you need to lose a lot of body weight .

Typically masculine things to be avoided

Systematically not eating breakfast or barely eating it

Skipping breakfast promotes weight gain and eating snacks that are usually either too fatty or contain too much sugar. It is better to make time for a balanced and complete breakfast. It also benefits your performance at work, according to scientific research.

With snacks throughout the day

To avoid snacks, make sure that your regular meals are not too light and respect the rhythm of three main meals and two optional small meals. Get rid of all candy, chocolate or other bars, nuts and so on. If the cravings become too great, you can eat a piece of fruit or a dairy product.

Addicted to caffeine

A cup of coffee with a lot of sugar and a cookie provides quite a few calories , especially if it doesn’t stop at just one or two cups! Alternate coffee with water or opt for pure coffee without caffeine, possibly with a sweetener tablet, at most a cloud of milk and without a cookie.

Heavy lunches

A short lunch with a sandwich, a pack of fries with a boulet, a dish of the day or a business lunch, you should always watch out for excesses! Instead of the eternal martino, chicken curry or salami sandwiches, it is wiser to opt for ham or cheese with vegetables. Also consider a salad or a cup of soup with a little bread.
At the restaurant you are not obliged to choose a three-course menu. Choose a single dish with water instead of wine and have a meal with lots of vegetables and fish or a grilled piece of lean meat. In addition, be careful with meals with charcuterie, gratins, fried foods, meat or fish with rich sauces and a dame blanche to complete it. If you have lunch in a company cafeteria, you should ensure sufficient variety and eat plenty of vegetables (which are filling!) in the form of soup, raw vegetables or prepared vegetables. The wisest dessert choice is fruit, wherever you eat.

Give me another block of cheese!

Even if you love cheese, cheese with every meal is too much of a good thing. If the cheese is not light, it can contain a lot of calories , depending on the type . One cheese a day is possible, preferably at home instead of a cheese and wine dish at the restaurant! The ideal amount of cheese per day is 30 to 50 g.

It’s just bread…

No, it’s not just bread, and certainly not when there is a generous layer of butter on each sandwich! Bread is a food that has many advantages, but emptying the entire bread basket before the meal is on the table is not a good idea. One or two slices of bread or a small sandwich is more than enough if bread is not the main meal.

Excessive drinking with friends

A glass of red wine provides 70 kcal, a rum with coke = 115 kcal, a beer contains no less than 110 kcal and a brown Chimay is good for 230 kcal. You notice it, the number of calories increases quickly and sharply. During the week it is better to stick to water that does not contain calories and is the best thirst quencher. You can drink something during the weekend, but in moderation. Not only because it is dangerous, but also because alcohol consumption contributes to weight gain.

Eating in front of the television

Eating in front of the television, for many people it is a habit that they no longer think about, it happens almost unconsciously! And usually it’s not carrots or cauliflower florets. The cure? Don’t eat while watching television! Water, coffee or tea are allowed, but beer and lemonade are not. And if men didn’t know why, now they know!

No starch for me

Contrary to popular belief, starch is not a fattener! Rather, it is what you eat that causes problems: breading, deep-frying, lavishly drizzled with rich sauce, etc. Plain or with herbs, starchy foods provide energy and also a considerable feeling of satiety, which is ideal for satisfying snack cravings. So-called Low Carb diets are more or less effective, but they do not help you change your eating habits. The risk of relapse after dieting is therefore real.

The carnivore

Meat should also be consumed in moderation: 125 to 150 grams of meat per day is sufficient. Prefer lean meat and poultry (skinless), fish and shellfish. Caution is also advised with so-called hidden fats in dishes such as meat in sauce or stews and charcuterie, to name just a few examples. Also consider low-fat preparation methods: the oven, microwave, steaming, baking in pans with a non-stick coating, etc.

A few more tips

Don’t be too generous with oil and vinaigrette, opt for herbs to give your food more flavor. Also limit the consumption of ice cream, pastries, cake, chocolate, appetizers, nuts, etc.

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