You should wash frizzy hair less often than you think

This question concerns many owners of frizzy hair. If you ask people with straight hair how often they wash their hair, the answer will probably be “Every day or every other day.” In general, frizzy haired people are doing more harm than good to their hair by washing it more often. This depends on their hair type and lifestyle. Because all types of frizzy hair have the property of not becoming greasy very quickly, the general rule of thumb when it comes to washing frizzy hair is “less is more.” (the less, the better.) In addition, the more you wash your hair, the more often you need to moisturize your hair. If you don’t do this, your hair will dry out and be more prone to breakage.


  • Why were you washing your hair anyway?
  • These factors determine how often you should wash your frizzy hair

Why were you washing your hair anyway?

Because you want clean and fresh hair

We have learned to only consider our hair clean and fresh if it smells of artificial perfumes. Just like we think the smell of baby powder is a baby’s natural smell.
If you think your hair is clean and fresh when it has a neutral scent, then you will feel less need to wash your hair as often.

Because you want your hair to look good

This is of course also a valid argument. The irony, however, is that if you wash your hair less often, and therefore expose it less often to aggressive agents, the condition of your hair will improve over time. And… your hair will look better.
A middle ground is not to use shampoo with every wash, but to wash your hair exclusively with water occasionally.

These factors determine how often you should wash your frizzy hair

Hair type

There is not one type of frizzy hair. There are various variants: coarse curls, spiral curls, very small curls that feel like cotton balls and all kinds of combinations of these variants.
Your hair type plays a major role in determining how often your hair needs to be washed. Roughly speaking, the smaller the curls, the less often the hair needs to be washed. The reason for this is that with this hair type it is very difficult for sebum to flow to the hair ends, making the hair dry (and therefore vulnerable). If you have frizzy hair with very tight curls and want to grow your hair out, you should only wash your hair when it feels greasy or dirty; every other week is ideal, but certainly not once a week.

Hair length

In general, shorter hair is easier to detangle. If your hair is long, washing it takes more time because detangling and combing it out is time-consuming. That is why you will naturally wash longer frizzy hair less often.

Hair style or hairstyle

Some hairstyles are easier to wash more often because the hair does not tangle easily. Examples of this are hairstyles with a lot of small braids or dreadlocks.


Your lifestyle determines whether your hair and scalp get dirty quickly. If you do a lot of sports or work where your hair gets really dirty (e.g. car mechanic, garbage collector), you have no choice and will have to wash almost every day.

The use of hair products

If you are excessive in using fats, gels or mousse in your hair, you will also need to wash your hair more often to prevent the pores of your scalp from becoming clogged and your hair from looking dull.

Your agenda

When you have a full schedule and a busy life, it’s difficult to have the patience to gently unravel your hair.
It is better to only wash your hair when you have time, to avoid pulling the tangles out of your hair in your haste.

Practical examples

For example, if you sport a lot and have short, naturally frizzy hair, you can wash your hair every other day. You have to wash the sweat off your scalp, and short naturally frizzy hair is easier to detangle than long frizzy hair.

For example, if you have long hair with many small, dense curls that feel dry and break easily, you should wash less often to prevent your hair from breaking. Combing out such hair takes a lot of time, if you have a busy life you will not have the patience to comb out your hair every day before washing.

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