Can you swim with a tattoo?

Not everyone knows exactly what tattoos and swimming are all about. Can you swim with a tattoo? It is important to know what you can and cannot do with your newly made tattoo. After all, it would be a shame if the tattoo became less beautiful or perhaps even became infected. For example, how long should you wait until you can swim if you just got a new tattoo?

Aftercare of a tattoo

When you just got a tattoo, aftercare is extremely important. The better the tattoo is cared for, the better it will heal and the longer the result of the tattoo will remain beautiful. A tattoo is usually not cheap, so you don’t want it to fade within a few weeks. That is exactly why good aftercare is so important. For example, almost everyone knows that you have to rub the tattoo several times after getting it and that you should avoid the sun. Swimming is also an important point when you just got a tattoo.

Can you swim with a new tattoo?

If you have just got a new tattoo, it is best not to go swimming for at least four weeks. However, do not take these four weeks too precisely. A lot depends on your body and healing process. Some tattoos will take longer to heal than others. The location of a tattoo can also determine the healing process. For example, a tattoo on your upper arm heals a lot faster than one on your foot. So take a good look at how your tattoo is going. If it is still a wound, it is better not to swim.

Why are you not allowed to swim?

It is better not to go swimming with a new tattoo, because the tattoo will still be a wound. This wound still needs to heal and you better not get any dirt in it. This way you prevent inflammation and other problems with your tattoos. The skin can also become a lot less strong when it is wet. There is also a chance that the tattoos will look less beautiful if you go swimming with them when the wounds have not yet healed sufficiently.

Does this also apply to a swimming pool?

It is also better not to swim in a swimming pool with a freshly tattooed tattoo. This certainly does not only apply to the sea or other outdoor swimming options. In fact, the chlorine in the water of a swimming pool can have a negative effect on a freshly applied tattoo. The chlorine in the water does not mean that it is actually hygienic and clean. There may still be a lot of dirt in the water.

Can you go into the sauna with a tattoo?

If your tattoo has not yet completely recovered, you can enter the sauna. Before then – which is usually the first four weeks – it is not recommended to visit the sauna. It can slow down the healing process. You run the risk that the tattoo will look less beautiful. Always check how the healing is progressing before taking action.

Do you have to swim anyway?

You may actually have to swim. Always try to see whether you can cancel this obligation anyway. Is that really not possible and do you have to swim? Then take the right precautions. For example, you can cover the tattoo with waterproof foil, a waterproof plaster or apply a generous layer of Vaseline. After swimming, it may be wise to clean the tattoo thoroughly with water, then gently dab it on the wound and use a clean towel to dry the skin. Afterwards it is best to let the tattoo dry in dry air. Do not cover it directly with clothing. Also make sure that you don’t swim too often. It is better not to take any risks.

Can you shower with a tattoo?

It is no problem to shower if you have just got a new tattoo. Make sure that you do not shower for too long and do not set the water too hot. Make sure that the towel you use afterwards is clean. Dab it on your tattoo and don’t rub it too much with your towel.

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