Nose reduction without surgery

The nose is a prominent part of the face. The shape and size of your nose therefore determines your appearance. Noses come in all sizes and shapes and many people are satisfied with their noses. However, you may not be satisfied with your nose. In that case, there are a number of options for reducing or deforming the nose without the need for major surgery.

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  • Make your nose smaller with make-up
  • Smaller nose with fillers
  • Botox for a smaller nose

Make your nose smaller with make-up

The first way to make your nose look different and possibly smaller is to use the right makeup. It is quite possible to create an optical illusion through certain make-up routines. This optical illusion can cause you and the people around you to see your nose and face differently. In this case, no actual change to the nose is achieved and therefore no surgery is required. There are several ways to make the nose smaller using make-up.


The first method deals with distraction. Distract attention from your nose by clearly accentuating your mouth. You can also choose to make your eyes stand out more clearly by using enough mascara. This way your eyes appear bigger and it draws attention away from your nose.

Camouflaging, contouring and shaping

The second common way to reduce the size of your nose is camouflage, contouring and shaping. To do this, apply shadow with a brush that runs from the inside of your eyebrows to your nostril. Make sure that this shadow is applied very subtly, otherwise you will miss your target. The shade can be created by using a dark, matte powder.

To curl

A third and final important makeup tip for making the nose look smaller is to avoid curly hair. It is important to make the nose look narrower and smaller that your hair does not create too much volume. This makes your face and nose appear a bit rounder and that is not conducive to making the nose appear smaller.

Smaller nose with fillers

If using make-up does not have the desired effect, it is possible to actually change the shape of your nose by using fillers. Here too, the nose is not actually made smaller, but an optical illusion of a smaller or differently shaped nose is created. The treatment takes about an hour and is not painful because you are anesthetized. During the treatment, your nose changes shape by injecting fillers that give your skin more volume, allowing contours to be adjusted. No rehabilitation is required with this treatment, so you can immediately continue with your daily life. The discomfort is therefore limited and the treatment is also fast and effective. The price of a treatment may differ per situation, but it is advisable to take into account a price from 300 euros. Another advantage of this treatment is that the effect of the fillers is immediately visible. The effect remains intact for about 1 to 2 years. After this period you can be treated again with fillers.

Botox for a smaller nose

In addition to make-up and treatment with fillers, it is also possible to change and possibly reduce the size of your nose using Botox. A wide nose can be caused by muscles in the nose that are no longer tight. Botox can be used to tighten and strengthen these muscles, causing the nostrils to retract slightly, the bridge of the nose to become slightly narrower and the tip of the nose to be lifted. In this way your nose can indeed be reduced in size. Here too, the prices of the treatment depend on your personal situation. It is therefore difficult to give a price specification for this treatment. This treatment with Botox is also done quite quickly and causes little or no pain. A rehabilitation period is therefore not required, so you can immediately get on with your life.

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