How do I get rid of my hangover (and how do I prevent it)?

A hangover can make you feel terrible. Basically, a hangover is a mild form of alcohol poisoning. There are several ways to have a nice drink without paying a high price for it later.

What does a hangover do to your body?

In short, excess alcohol dehydrates your body. It also requires a lot of proteins and minerals from your body. Furthermore, your biological clock gets confused and your kidneys work overtime to keep all toxins out of your body.

Prevention instead of cure

Preventing a hangover is of course a lot better than recovering from one. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up the drink for that. With a few simple tricks you can prevent a lot of suffering and the worst hangovers.

Water with the wine

Of course, you won’t want to literally add water to your drink; that can ruin the taste. However, what can help is to agree with yourself that you will drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have. Following this rule works best if you start the evening with a glass of water. You have already taken the first step, and with that the emotional barrier is gone.

Less sweet is good

If you drink sugary drinks, such as mixed drinks, the alcohol is absorbed more quickly into your body. You will be less likely to notice that you have had too much to drink. In addition, with sweet drinks you will have less of the feeling that you are drinking alcohol. You will then unknowingly drink more. Less sweet drinks, such as red wine or dry white wine, make you drink more slowly.

Count your toilet visits

Do you have to go to the toilet every half hour or more? That’s too often. Command yourself to urinate once an hour. Once you experience that you can hardly hold it, you will naturally skip the occasional round of drinks.

Do you continue to drink too much, even though that was not your plan beforehand? If you really can’t control your drinking behavior yourself, you can ask others to pay attention with you. For example, ask in advance if a friend or colleague would like to offer you water every now and then, or indicate in advance at a dinner party that you do not need to be refilled automatically every time. Order a glass of water with your food, or ask if someone is interested in sharing a jug or bottle of water for the table.

Do not give up!

Maybe you drank a lot again a few times. Don’t give up though! If you keep practicing to save yourself from a hangover, you will eventually develop a good habit. If it didn’t work out once, don’t think it will never work out. Every time you go out or have a dinner or party is a new opportunity to try it.


Despite precautions, have you been unable to prevent a hangover? Then take the following measures to make your hangover less severe.

Before you go to sleep

Force yourself to drink a glass of water. Also take one or two Paracetamol. You will notice that you sleep better and longer, and sleep helps your body recover better. Also put two glasses of water next to your bed to quench your thirst.

As soon as you wake up

The two glasses of water next to your bed need to be used up. Maybe you woke up in between and have already had something to drink (it makes a difference if you can lie down and drink something straight away), then you are already on your way. Give yourself time to finish the two glasses. It will help with your recovery.


To further restore your fluid balance, it is good to eat something salty. Don’t immediately reach for chips or fries; Although the salt certainly helps and makes you feel better temporarily, the unhealthy fats and sugars are not good for you. Instead, make a simple dish with egg, tomato puree, salt and pepper. Simply eating an egg with some sea salt can be good for you. You can also make an omelet with garden herbs and salt. In any case, a dish with eggs is a good idea, because it replenishes the proteins in your body. You need that right now too!

Rest and water

Running a marathon is not a smart plan. You probably thought of that yourself. However, don’t expect too much from your body anyway. Lying down a lot and getting some rest is what you need now. Do you have to work or do you have an (important) appointment that you really cannot cancel? Then make sure you have a good breakfast, take a supply of Paracetamol with you, and drink plenty of water during the day.

You can take Paracetamol for any headaches. Be careful with Ibuprofen! Because your gastrointestinal system is already quite upset, Ibuprofen can have a negative effect on your health. Taking up to six Paracetamol per 24 hours is relatively safe.

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