Healthy and shiny hair

Healthy and shiny hair, which woman doesn’t want this? It certainly has a positive effect on your appearance, but it also makes you feel good about yourself. What can you do yourself to get healthy and beautiful shiny hair?

Hair care products

The first thing you think about when it comes to hair care is choosing the right shampoo. This may seem like a difficult task since there are so many different shampoos available. A number of examples: for dry or damaged hair, for colored hair, for oily hair, for normal hair, for extra volume, anti-dandruff shampoo, anti-tangle, shampoo for sensitive scalp and so on. Check the condition of your hair before you put any shampoo in your shopping cart. In addition to shampoo, there are many other care products for your hair. Consider conditioner, for example. When choosing a conditioner, it is also important to adapt it to the condition of your hair. There is a regular conditioner, conditioner that you can leave in your hair without rinsing, or perhaps a hair mask is better suited to the care of your hair. Do not use the conditioner on your scalp, but on the rest of the hair. The ends need conditioner the most. The scalp itself produces fat. Using a conditioner on the scalp is unnecessary and can even make the hair greasy. Using a conditioner is important for the moisture regulation and protection of your hair. Definitely a must for healthy and shiny hair!

Washing and drying

The following applies to both shampoo and conditioner: rinse the hair well after washing. Don’t leave soap residue in your hair. Do not wash your hair too hot to prevent dry hair. Lukewarm water is the best temperature to wash your hair. The hair cuticles expand after which the conditioner can do its moisturizing work. A tip for extra shiny hair: rinse your hair with cold water. Cold water ensures that the hair cuticles close again with a shiny result afterwards. After washing your hair, the next step is drying. This is a vulnerable phase for your hair. Many people make the mistake of roughly rubbing the hair with the towel. However, your wet or damp hair is very vulnerable at this time, resulting in tangles forming or hair breaking. It is clear that these actions get in the way of healthy and shiny hair. The best method to dry your hair is to wrap it in a towel. Give your hair time to dry, then gently pat or gently massage the moisture into the towel. Now that the hair is towel dry, you can comb the hair with a brush. Comb your hair from bottom to top until the hair is untangled.

Styling devices

Blow-drying your hair can cause damage, but this is not necessary as long as you blow-dry your hair correctly. Do not set the hairdryer to the most powerful setting or the highest temperature. This creates a lifeless, dry, damaged head of hair. Keep sufficient distance from your hair and move the airflow through the hair so that the heat does not only dry in the same place. In addition, there are plenty of products on the market to protect your hair against the heat of a hair dryer, curling iron or straightener.

Healthy food

In addition to using the right shampoo, conditioner and styling tools, there are several factors that can have a beneficial effect on healthy and shiny hair. Consider the right nutrition. Of course, a varied and healthy diet is important for a general healthy condition. However, there are a number of vitamins that can provide extra healthy and shiny hair. This includes vitamin A that can prevent dry hair, vitamin B that can stimulate hair growth and vitamin C for color retention. So you can see that ensuring a varied and healthy diet can certainly be an added value for maintaining healthy and shiny hair. In addition to a healthy diet, the hair also needs moisture. So stay sufficiently hydrated.

Sufficient night’s sleep

Since our skin and hair cells renew themselves mainly at night, a good night’s sleep is important for healthy and shiny hair. You also relax at night and process the events of the day. Rest is important to counteract these stimuli that often lead to stress in our current society. Stress is a negative factor regarding the healthy and shiny quality of our hair.

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