A youthful appearance

A youthful appearance starts with good skin and body care. There is no point in covering up wrinkles and covering the skin with make-up. It’s all about regularity and discipline…

PH value of the skin

There is an acidic protective layer on the skin. This is formed, among other things, by sebum and sweat. The acidity is also referred to as the PH value. PH means Pondus Hydrogenium. With healthy skin the PH value is approximately 5.5. When cleaning the skin, make sure that this protective layer is not damaged. Never use normal soap to clean the face. Choose gentle cleansers or special liquid cleansing products that are adapted to the skin type. Also avoid very drying lotions that contain a lot of alcohol, as this affects the acidity. Products that degrease too much are not good for maintaining the normal PH value. There are washing lotions on the market that respect the PH value of 5.5. This is usually indicated on the packaging.

Daily routine

It is important to gently remove dirt and make-up from the skin every day. Don’t skip this step and never go to sleep with makeup on your face. After cleansing, a gentle lotion can be used to remove any residue of the cleanser and to prepare the skin for the day or night cream. Using an astringent lotion tightens the pores slightly, making the skin look smoother. These lotions are usually only suitable for oily or combination skin. Be careful that these types of lotions preferably contain little or no alcohol.

Use good care products adapted to the skin type

Choose a good day and night cream adapted to the skin type and age. The skin of a thirty-year-old has different needs than mature skin. Always ensure that the products do not dry out the skin. If this is the case, choose a different brand or have a skin diagnosis made by the beautician. Sometimes it is difficult to judge whether the skin is combination or dry.

Use a peel regularly

Regularly remove dead skin cells from the skin, creating a more even skin appearance. The skin surface becomes smoother and the skin looks fresher. Care products can also be absorbed better and make-up will stay in place better.

Hydrate the skin

Ensure good hydration of the skin. Many manufacturers talk about moisturizers. However, the term: retaining moisture is more appropriate. Skin care products retain moisture in the top layer of the skin. This is important to keep the skin supple and to prevent a crackle effect (small veins) in the skin surface. You can add moisture from the inside by drinking enough water, or from the outside by using a vapozone.

Vapozone or steam device

You can really add moisture by using a steam device. The fine water mist can penetrate the skin. The vapozone can also be used with an ozone lamp. A day cream after the treatment can serve to seal the moisture in the skin, so that it will not evaporate.

Moisture mask

Use a moisturizing mask regularly to maintain or replenish the moisture in the skin. This can also delay or counteract a crackle effect or the formation of fine wrinkles.

There is no point in applying too much cream or mask

There is no point in applying too much. What has not been absorbed by the skin after ten minutes can be considered too much. Applying more is therefore not necessary and costs unnecessary money. Using too much cream can also clog the pores.

Sun Protection Factor

Make sure that the day cream contains an SPF, or Sun Protection Factor. Sunlight is harmful to the skin and promotes skin aging. So don’t take any risks and protect the skin well.

Colored day cream or BB cream

Too much makeup is not good for the skin. The pores can become clogged and using too much powder or makeup can actually make the skin look older. Especially with mature skin, it emphasizes wrinkles, so too much is never good. The skin is also covered too much by thick layers of makeup. Regularly choose not to apply foundation or powder, so that the skin can breathe. A colored day cream or BB cream can serve as an alternative.


The use of antioxidants in food also prevents aging. For example, green tea, vitamin E or the enzyme Q10 are good examples of this. Eating blueberries and walnuts could also contribute to a youthful appearance.

Be moderate with alcohol and nicotine

Alcohol and nicotine are extremely bad for the skin, so use them moderately or preferably not at all. In addition to skin aging, the use of nicotine also constricts the blood vessels. This impairs blood circulation and the skin will not look fresh.

Enough movement

Make sure the body gets enough exercise so that waste products are removed better. And of course it also benefits your condition and figure. Good breathing also ensures a fresher appearance of the skin.


Rid the body of toxins and use a detox treatment regularly. Do this, for example, on the weekend and take sufficient rest during the juice day (or juice days). Do not take a treatment on a strenuous day with busy work, but try to relax.

Pay attention to body position

Stand or sit upright and pull your shoulders back. A slumped posture with a crooked back and sagging shoulders makes you unnecessarily older. A positive attitude and cheerful expression will make you look younger than someone with a sad, sagging face.

The big picture

Well-groomed, young skin alone does not make someone appear young. It is a sum of several factors. In addition to good posture and a positive attitude, hairstyle and choice of clothing are also important. After all, it’s about the big picture.

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