Is it your fault that you are overweight?

Are you overweight and wondering what you are doing wrong? Why do people get fat? Many people wonder if they eat too much and why it is so difficult for them to ‘just’ eat less. In the Netherlands people are getting fatter. In almost all cases this is because we eat too many calories. Fat people used to be rare, but today almost half of people are overweight. How did that happen? More than 40% of Dutch people are overweight. Is obesity your own fault or are we being fattened by the society we live in? Obesity is an epidemic. Not an ordinary epidemic. This public disease has arisen directly from our affluent society.
Fat people often resolve to eat less, but this only works for a short time, or not at all. Overweight people usually want to lose weight and if you ask why they are unable to do so, you may hear one of the following answers:

  1. I don’t eat much, but I get fat just looking at food
  2. it’s in my genes, many people in my family are fat
  3. we have heavy bones in the family
  4. I will arrive very soon
  5. I have tried everything but I can’t lose weight
  6. I suspect my thyroid gland is working too slowly
  7. I do indeed eat too much
  8. I just love good food

Examples 7 and 8 probably give the best view. The majority of overweight people are overweight because they regularly eat too many calories in relation to what they need to live a healthy life. And as for example 8, who doesn’t like good food? There’s a catch there.

Do you like good food? That is a coincidence. Me, too!

Prosperity food has been made so ‘tasty’ that it fattens us. After all, no Mars bars and Magnum ice creams grow on trees, and no breaded fish swim in the sea. Peanuts in nature do not have a coating of sugar and chocolate, and all those addictive additions and processes make you fat very quickly. Never before in human history have people had so many processed food products at their disposal, and never before has humanity been as fat as it is today in the West. So is it your fault if you’re overweight? Not really. But you are responsible for the choices you make.

Processed food products, eat them as little as possible

In America you can buy more than 600,000 different food products. In our country you may find more than 10,000 food products in every regular supermarket and in the Netherlands there are probably more than 200,000 – 300,000 different food products for sale. Processed food products, which are forced upon you every day through advertising, are continuously offered to you. Wherever you sit, walk or drive. Through advertisements on TV, on store shelves, in shop windows, on posters, in magazines. Food is even advertised on the radio. And on TV, in addition to the star commercials, which often promote food, you also have dozens of cooking programs that you can watch. All these stimuli always send a message to your brain: ‘You are craving food!’ But even if you take a walk in your neighborhood, there is a good chance that you will come across snack bars, lunchrooms or restaurants. And if that’s not the case, you might walk past a bakery with a display window full of cookies and tarts and sauce rolls. Or maybe there is a butcher who sells tasty sausage and offers you a slice of sausage. Or you see a poulterer who has placed grilled chickens on a spit, with the rotating spit and all, on the street to entice you. On the corner of the street there is a fish cart with eel or herring sandwiches, near the snack bar, which is located opposite the Arabic grill room, where they sell those delicious shawarma sandwiches with garlic sauce.

Seeing food makes you eat

All those temptations are there to sell food. Food looks tasty. The illusion and promise of pure pleasure does the rest. In our heads. People in advertising photos or in star advertisements even become almost ecstatic when they eat an ice cream or drink a Coke. All our senses are stimulated to eat as often as possible, through our eyes, our ears, our nose… The sound of a breaking layer of chocolate on a Magnum ice cream. The girl turns her eyes away. She enjoys it so intensely that it almost becomes erotic. And what do you think? She’s a slim girl. So a Magnum really won’t make you fat, right? Or yes? This is how we are deceived, by advertising, but also by our brains of course. Everyone who sells food wants you to be out of control and buy it, and ‘nobody’ cares if it makes you fat. Wherever you go, you are mainly offered fattening foods. It tastes good because your taste buds are spoiled with extra sugar, extra salt, flavor enhancers, fragrances and fats. And that’s why people get fat as hell.

Although this is part of our world today, it is unique in history that people have so much high-calorie food available to them. Not so long ago, it was not even self-evident that you had (enough) to eat every day. In the past, people had to do a lot to get food. In human history, people first had to gather food by picking or gathering fruit or nuts, by picking plants, by climbing trees and by hunting animals. People are resourceful and intelligent. That is why, over time, there came a period in history when people started cultivating fields for harvesting. You had to take care of trees and plants to harvest fruit or nuts, and animals you had to take care of before you could eat them for food. You had to till and water the soil, and you had to reap the harvest on time through hard work. Food has always only been obtained through physical effort and even then you often only had just enough to stay alive and stay healthy. If you compare that with today’s society, you see that everyone has way too much to eat every day and that virtually no one makes physical effort to eat. About 80% of the food we are offered is unhealthy and capable of making you sick and fat.

Healthy food

To eat healthy, we actually only need five types of stores:

  • the greengrocer
  • the butcher
  • the fishmonger
  • the Baker
  • the milkman

In all the above-mentioned stores you should mainly only buy fresh (and as original as possible) products, and nothing ready-made. So for example:

  • at the greengrocer: fresh fruit and vegetables (preferably unsprayed), but no ready-made meals
  • at the fishmonger: unbreaded types of fish, and also oily smoked fish, but no breaded, fried or sauced fish
  • at the bakery: (real) whole wheat bread or sourdough bread, but no white bread or light brown bread, tarts, cake or cookie, etc.
  • at the milkman: milk, buttermilk and cheese, but no custard or yoghurt drinks with sugar
  • and so on

You can make the healthiest meals from fresh products, and you will gain weight much less quickly because they do not contain added sugar and other fattening additives (cream, milk powder, syrup, sugar, fat, binders, etc.). Don’t be mistaken for frozen vegetables either. There is a lot of chaff among the wheat. For example, spinach a la crème contains whipped cream and added tapioca starch and sugar. 100 grams of spinach a la crème therefore contains twice as many calories as regular frozen spinach. The majority of food products that have been processed in some way contain added calories. Evil or wise tongues claim that these additives are often addictive. Why? An addict wants more and more and so more and more food products are sold. So go back to fresh as much as possible, and you will have much less trouble losing weight.


So not only do we live very differently than before, we are also constantly tempted to eat too much and unhealthy food and to buy products that have already been prepared by a factory, which means they can be sold much more expensively as fresh ones. So it’s about money. 1000 types of cookies, 80 different types of snacks, candied, roasted or salted nuts, 40 different types of chocolate, ice cream in 20 flavors, soft drinks in all colors and flavors, pizza with 40 different toppings, pasta from thin to thick and from white to green, ready-made meals with gravy and flavor enhancers, bags of sweets from salty to cloyingly sweet, all kinds of sauces from a jar or packet, soups from jars or a can, vegetables with seasonings or cream and cream and sugar mixed in, cakes in all shapes and flavors, packets of lace ready-made gravy, jars of ready-made sauces, breaded ready-made snacks, pre-fried snacks, marinated meat, and so on. You can imagine that everything (which is actually very tasty fresh) also exists in processed factory form. Ready-made, full of hidden sugars, added salts and fats and unclear chemical additives. Why? Because sugar (and various other additives) is addictive, and the makers of the products want to sell a lot, so if everyone starts eating more and more, people will get fatter, but the bank accounts of people who make money from those products will also increase. thicker.

So is it your fault that you got fat?

To a certain extent yes, but only if you know what you are eating. In the society we live in, the chance of becoming fat is really high. Factories that make food products do absolutely everything they can to tempt you to eat their products, because money has to flow and ‘good food’ sells well. So what you can do to lose weight is at least:

  • eat fresh produce as often as possible
  • distrust everything that is ready-made, or that comes in a can or container or package. Read on the packaging what has been added
  • think of sweet and salty snacks as body fat rockets. They contain an enormous amount of sugar, and often also fat, and savory snacks also often contain carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and a lot of salt

What is too much food?

Maybe you’re wondering if you’re eating too many calories. If you are overweight, and there is nothing wrong with you, then it is very, very likely that you are indeed eating too much or the wrong things. Too much is not the same as ‘too often’. You can eat often, but not too much. Conversely, you may be someone who eats infrequently, but eats too much. The excess is determined by:

  • portion sizes
  • energy value of the food
  • ingredients of products
  • preference for certain types of food

Many products are misleading, precisely because product manufacturers know that people like tasty food and drinks, i.e. sweet or savory and fatty. But also that people would like to consume fewer calories because many people are overweight. For example, products may say: ‘10% less sugar’ or ‘30% less fat’ or ‘contains vitamin C’. These are all slogans to convince people that what they buy is healthy for them. In the majority of cases, however, it is a fattening product, whether it is low-fat ice cream or light chips, it makes you fat almost as quickly as regular ice cream and regular chips. If you want to lose weight, you have to remember at least one thing: fresh is healthy.

Can I not eat anything at all anymore?

Yes, that is exactly the good news. In fact, you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything, but you do have to pay close attention to how often you eat ‘junk’. If you make an effort to eat more healthy fresh produce, and if you try to limit unhealthy snacks that you may not be able to resist to smaller portions, then a lot will be gained. If you like good food (and everyone likes good food) then you can eat something tasty ten times a day. Both healthy and unhealthy things. For example, your day could look like this if you want to have a healthy snack:

  • In the morning a whole wheat sandwich (with moderate butter) and roast beef or a boiled egg
  • Half a watermelon around 11 o’clock.
  • 1 glass of milk or buttermilk in the morning, or a fresh fruit juice
  • In the afternoon two whole wheat sandwiches, for example one with young cheese, and one with half a banana cut into slices, or roast beef, or beef sausage, or ham, or etc. + a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice, for example orange juice, or apple + strawberry
  • An hour after lunch, nibble on half a pepper cut into strips
  • eat an apple half an hour before dinner, or grate half a cucumber with some chopped onion mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • For dinner a small steak or a small chicken fillet or a large piece of boiled fish, with plenty of fresh spinach or another fresh vegetable, and a normal sized potato, or an average sweet (red) potato.
  • In the evening a bowl of strawberries or a large piece of watermelon
  • tomato in between if you’re still hungry

On days when you can’t resist unhealthy snacking

At those times, choose a smaller portion. Portion sizes have become excessively large these days. Today’s small ice cream is actually a huge cup. A huge hamburger is a nonsensical food product that makes you unnecessarily sick and fat. Sugary soft drinks in giant cups make you fatter and fatter. Just choose fewer, smaller portions, and make more conscious choices. For example, if you occasionally decide to eat two croquettes with two slices of white bread for lunch, fine, but leave one of the sandwiches on your plate and eat one of the croquettes out of hand and the other on a sandwich. You will see that you are also full, and that one white sandwich you have left over will have saved you calories. Choose less, eat slower, don’t empty your plate, often put fresh products in your shopping cart and avoid as much and as often as possible, all ready-made products in jars, cans and packages and in plastic.

Too thick? This is the true cause for many people

Guilt is quickly triggered when it comes to being overweight. You are constantly told through TV programs, but also through articles in magazines or on the Internet, and in everyday life that you should eat less and exercise more. Of course it is true that our life pattern looks very different from, for example, 100 years ago. People have probably never been as active as they have been in prosperous countries over the last thirty years. Why? You are forced to do it. For example, think about this:

  • compulsory sitting still for 5 to 8 hours at school every day
  • sitting behind a desk in the office for 8 hours a day every day
  • sit when using public transport or in your car
  • sit down to play games
  • sit down to watch TV

You could also say that (rich) humanity has never sat for so many hours a day, since prosperity has increased so much that we have to sit so much . We can travel and work while sitting. We can relax while sitting and increasingly we can only earn our money while sitting. That’s not your fault. You just have to realize it.

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