Start dieting? Then think about the following things

More than half of women have tried dieting at some point. A good diet can take years. However, many people do not stick to dieting for long. The result may be that you will gain weight more quickly after dieting. In this article you can read a number of points that you can take into account if you want to start dieting.

Brains distort self-image

Women suffer from a negative self-image more often than men. Many women think they are too fat and they quickly compare themselves to other people. Research has shown that people find it very difficult to assess their own body if they do not see it themselves. For example, we can think of others as being much slimmer. This research was done by having the participants place a hand under a plate. The participants then had to indicate where they thought the fingers and knuckles were located. What turned out? Almost all women estimate their hand to be shorter and wider. While it was thought that the brain could make a reasonable estimate of the sizes of body parts. It may therefore be logical that many women think they are too fat, while sometimes this is not the case at all.

Getting older makes you fatter

Unfortunately, age also has to do with getting fatter. You will have to be careful, especially between the ages of 40 and 50. Around this age, the maximum amount of oxygen that one can consume during one minute (also called VO2) decreases. This means that you will burn fewer calories per minute. Partly because of this, muscle mass decreases and the amount of fat tissue increases. In addition, people usually continue to eat the same amount and the metabolism also slows down.

Exercise and sleep

In addition to a different diet to lose weight, it is also best to exercise and sleep. Choose a sport that you really like. Exercising specifically with the aim of losing weight often makes it much harder than if you go somewhere every week that you really look forward to. Maybe you like the sport so much that you like to practice several times a week.
Almost the opposite of exercise is sleeping. If you sleep little, your hormone balance will be disturbed, causing you to store more fat and have an increased craving for sweets. If you don’t sleep enough, you also have less energy to exercise, make conscious choices and prepare food.

Dieting means persevering

Many people cannot maintain a diet for long. People often want to achieve a lot in a short time, while working on yourself for a long time ultimately helps much more to stay slim. Many people are therefore satisfied with fitting into a smaller size or weighing less. There is a moment of happiness after which many people relapse. It is best to really adjust your lifestyle. Most diets also don’t provide enough fuel. The body then goes into a saving mode and as soon as energy comes in again, it is immediately stored as fat. So there is a good chance that if you lose weight in a short period of time, you will gain it back quickly.

There are many diets; such as diets in which as few carbohydrates as possible are eaten or diets in which people mainly eat proteins. However, the brain works on carbohydrates and it is difficult for the body to constantly digest proteins, so choosing the right diet is not easy either.

Don’t be tempted

Although many people zap away from advertisements or quickly scroll past advertisements in magazines, these advertisements do work. When we see an advertisement for a large hamburger or a refreshing ice cream, we also get hungry for food. The left hemisphere of the brain also enters a kind of sleep mode while watching TV, in which we are much more impressionable. In addition, a handful of chips at a party does not seem so innocent or that sweet drink. When you see others around you eating and/or drinking, we sometimes do the same almost automatically.

People often do not adjust their portions to the amount of calories. If you order fries for one person, they are often eaten regardless of whether it is actually more than you normally eat. The portions are also getting larger because a fast food chain simply earns more from large menus. They charge a little more money for it, but the production costs are low.

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