Nail stickers: are they more convenient than nail polish?

Most women among us decorate their nails with a nice color. This often happens with nail polish, but this is unhealthy and inconvenient. It takes a long time for the nail polish to dry and harden. You can also choose to use nail stickers. The question, however, is whether they are useful. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of nail stickers are listed below.

Types of nail stickers

There are different types of nail stickers. You have small stickers in all shapes and sizes. You can stick this on your nails with nail polish for decoration. For example, small hearts, flowers or diamonds. There are also nail stickers that cover your entire nail. These are also called nail wraps. You have nail wraps with one color, nail wraps with stripes and nail wraps with other patterns. This is of course very easy, compared to drawing lines with nail polish.

Nail wrap brands

Various brands have nail wraps in their range. From expensive to cheap:

  • Essie: 9.99
  • L’Oréal: €8.49
  • Hema: 4.50
  • Primark: 1.50
  • Action Max&More: 0.60

(These prices come from, they may have changed slightly in the meantime)
You can all buy these nail stickers in the store, but there are also other types available on the internet.

There is of course some difference in quality between the different brands. The more expensive Essie stickers work a bit easier than the stickers from Hema. With the nail stickers from the cheaper brands, it is difficult to apply them evenly to the nails. Those from Hema and Primark in particular tend to have wrinkles and folds. However, the nail stickers from Essie and LOréal are very expensive for one-time use. A jar of nail polish is just as expensive, and you can use it a lot more often.

Stick it on

This is how you stick the nail stickers on your nails:

  • Make sure your nails are the right length
  • Push the cuticles back well
  • Degrease your nails with nail polish remover or alcohol
  • Choose the right size sticker and stick it on your nail
  • Fold the excess sticker around your nail
  • Carefully file off the remains

A further tip is to apply a layer of topcoat over it. This is not completely necessary. You can also degrease your nails as best as possible with soap. The nail stickers can then come off a little easier.
Ridges can quickly form when sticking. To prevent this as much as possible, press the sticker on the center of the nail and carefully wipe the sticker towards the outsides.


The stickers are firmly attached immediately after sticking. If they soak in warm water, they can come off fairly easily. So be careful when washing dishes or taking a hot bath. Of course, you don’t have any drying time like with nail polish, so you can do whatever else you want. Moreover, your nail polish can get dents, which is not possible with nail stickers.

Wear out

The nail stickers wear differently than nail polish. Nail polish chips: small pieces break off. Most nail stickers wear off at the edges. The expensive ones are slightly slower than the cheaper ones. If they are not filed properly, the edges can curl up and therefore come loose.

To delete

Removing nail stickers is certainly not a difficult job. You can peel off the expensive stickers completely, and you can ‘scrape’ off the cheaper ones with your fingernail. This is very easy, especially if they have been soaked in warm water. So you don’t need any extra stuff for this!


Nail polish contains substances that are unhealthy if you inhale them. When you put it on it stinks, and you inhale toxins. You don’t have this problem with nail stickers.

Advantages and disadvantages of nail stickers

Nail stickers therefore have advantages and disadvantages. Here they are listed:

Advantages of nail stickers

  • They have no drying time
  • They don’t chip
  • There are many types available
  • They are easy to remove
  • No toxic substances are released

Disadvantages of nail stickers

  • They can loosen
  • The edges may curl up
  • Ridges often appear during gluing
  • They are relatively expensive per use

Nail stickers are therefore easy to use and not unhealthy. And they are available in various prints!

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