The thyroid and the fifth chakra: the throat chakra

The thyroid gland is located in the neck and many people have heard of it. What is also often known are the problems and defects that a poorly functioning thyroid gland can cause. The thyroid is an important organ and its function should therefore not be underestimated. According to the chakra system, the fifth chakra is the thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is located in the human neck. You can find the thyroid gland just below the larynx. If you were to look at the thyroid gland from the front you would see two lobes. These two lobes are connected by a strip of tissue. What makes the thyroid gland so special is its need for iodine. The thyroid gland removes iodine from the blood that flows through and past it. Without iodine the thyroid gland will not function properly. The thyroid gland can then show defects and this manifests itself in all kinds of problems.

Iodine and before

In the past, there was sometimes a problem with the iodine in food. Shortages could arise. A form of goiter could then show itself. Nowadays, an iodine deficiency is almost non-existent in the Netherlands. For example, the bread you buy in the supermarket often has iodine added. A shortage is unlikely these days.

Thyroid gland and chakra

Chakra means wheel or circle in Sanskrit. The ideas come from traditional Indian medicine. In the Netherlands we are of course familiar with the concept of chakra, but what should we do with it? Is it really something or do we end up with complete nonsense? According to most traditions, seven chakras are used. The seven chakras are all located in different places in the body. The fifth chakra is located in and near the thyroid (throat).

To give an example: the first chakra is also called the root chakra and is located in the coccyx. The coccyx is also called tailbone in Dutch. The fifth chakra is located in the throat. The fifth chakra is also called vishudda or vishuddi. A chakra includes a number of components. You could see it as human qualities that are attributed to a spiritual appearance. A chakra has a physical, emotional and spiritual component.

The fifth chakra: throat chakra

The fifth thyroid chakra is seen as a mediator between feeling and thinking. This is of course always a difficult choice. Many people have difficulty separating reason (thinking) and emotion (feeling). When do you go for reason and when do you follow the feeling? The fifth chakra tries to bring a balance between reason and feeling. Neither should prevail in everyday life. In some situations there will be a peak in the ratio or feeling. Think of emotionally charged events such as the death of a loved one or the birth of a child. The ratio can also sometimes show a peak. It is important in daily life that there is a balance between the two.

A spiritual imbalance

If your throat chakra, or your thyroid chakra, is out of balance, your feelings or your rationale can go wrong. What happens then? If your reason goes wrong, you can see the world around you as an economic process. You always try to make choices based on profit and loss. You are looking for, as they call it in the economic world, equity. When your emotions go crazy you become soft and uncontrollable. Your emotions take over and strong reactions to small events can affect your functioning.

When your throat chakra is working properly, you express your feelings without danger and without too much thought. You dare to say who you are. You dare to be who you are. Your feelings and reason are in balance. You can listen to people and give a rational answer at the same time. The people around you know where they stand when they come near you. You dare to give your opinion in certain situations. If you don’t agree with something, say so. You can think clearly about issues and be analytical.

shy and apathetic? Poorly functioning throat chakra? / Source: Guido Alvarez, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)

If your throat chakra is imbalanced, this will manifest itself in certain behaviors. You should then think of a dominant voice, not letting people finish with a cold and distant look. In these people the throat chakra may be over developed. If your throat chakra is underdeveloped, this can manifest itself in a soft voice. A submissive way of communicating with people. You have difficulty expressing certain emotions and expressing what you really want. You are often introverted and shy. Your identity is determined too much by what others think.

Thyroid and chakra facts

  • The psychological function of the throat chakra is: self-expression, identity and communication.
  • The element that belongs to the fifth chakra is: ether
  • The color that belongs to the fifth chakra is: a mix between green and blue
  • The metal associated with the throat chakra is: mercury
  • Physical conditions associated with poor throat chakra functioning: poor thyroid function and disorders of the neck and ears.

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