The transition viewed differently: from Tao to homeopathy

Transition. On the one hand you have the ‘camp’ that writes books about that wonderful, divine time of your life. On the other hand, a ‘camp’ of doomsayers claims that the transition is a path that can only go down. In reality, the transition has disadvantages and advantages. Hormonal sledgehammer blows are outdated. The current approach is: collect information yourself and see what works for you: whether that is different nutrition, homeopathy, supplements or forms of exercise such as yoga. Transition. You hear the strangest things about it. There is the ‘camp’ that writes books about that wonderful, wonderful, divine time of your life. And there is the camp that claims that with the transition you are taking a path that can only go down. In reality, menopause has both aspects that you can miss, such as toothache, and advantages.

Less anemia and energy loss

Menstruation is a process that takes a lot of energy. In addition, heavy blood loss in particular leads to anemia. It is a strange sensation that your period decreases and will soon disappear. A new phase of life: gone, fertility… and it never comes back. On the other hand, not having periods has clear health and energy benefits. Moreover, in this new phase of life you are invited (whether you want to or not) to define yourself differently than as a mother and part of the family. Based on this challenge, many women report that they have literally taken advantage of the transition: namely to make the transition to focusing on themselves as a creative, conscious and wise person who can continue to fill in years to come with everything that has not been given a chance until now.

… but also hot flashes and other discomfort

A realistic trend is not to present the transition as a hurray moment full of highlights, but also not to turn it into a drama. The tendency of medical science to fill people with hormones is also rightly tempered. It is a natural process, and it is best to consciously make the most of it yourself. One of the voices that agrees with this is VSM Schüssler. If you are going through a natural process, you should not want to suppress it with hormones and other scary things. What is possible is to give the body a helping hand in a natural way during this period of change and sometimes discomfort. Of course, it is not entirely coincidental that some specific mineral salts from Dr. Schüssler are intended to help the body from within to stay fit and healthy and thus reduce menopausal symptoms… but on the other hand, why not see what homeopathy can do for you?

What use are mineral salts during menopause?

One of the things that Dr. Schussler points out that changes in hormone balance can cause a deficiency of important minerals in the body. Minerals help you feel fit and healthy. The mineral salts from Dr. Schüssler are intended to improve cell metabolism. This should ensure that the body is able to properly absorb the required minerals again. Each mineral salt has its own specific properties.

For general complaints: mineral salt no.5

The menopause can cause a whole range of complaints – but that is not necessary. Think of hot flashes, headaches, weight gain, mild incontinence, irritability, forgetfulness, fatigue, insomnia and sexual problems. The basic condition of the body partly determines how your body and mind absorb the hormonal changes. One of the most important mineral salts that helps keep the body in good condition is Schüssler mineral salt no. 5: Potassium phosphoricum. This salt is used to reduce general menopausal symptoms. It promotes healthy nervous activity. Potassium phosphoricum is also considered an important memory and energy aid. This mineral salt stimulates energy production in the cells.

Hot flashes: mineral salt no.8

There is no better known symptom of menopause than hot flashes. The ‘hot flash’ represents a red head, an overheated feeling and excessive sweating. Consolation: Even if it seems to last an hour, the hot flash usually passes in a maximum of a minute. The feeling is that of blood rushing through your chest to your head in one fell swoop. Your face and neck feel hot and turn red. This also includes perspiration. Just as heavier perspiration can occur at night around the menstrual cycle, you can also experience attacks of perspiration during the menopause, during the day and at night. A supporting mineral salt is Schüssler mineral salt no. 8: Natrium muriaticum. This mineral salt regulates the fluid balance in the body.

Incontinence: mineral salt no.1

Incontinence can occur during menopause, especially during exertion such as sports, lifting something heavy, coughing, sneezing or laughing. The reason is that there are fewer estrogens in the body. This can cause the bladder sphincter to relax somewhat. Especially if pelvic floor muscles are not that strong, this can cause mild urinary incontinence. Schüssler mineral salt No. 1: Calcium fluoratum improves elasticity and firmness of the bladder sphincter and pelvic floor muscles.

Awakening the sensual woman (with pelvic floor muscles)

In addition, the pelvis is one of the least aware areas for women, while strengthening it through exercises can prevent a lot of misery. Google the keywords ‘strengthening pelvic floor’. And if you are spiritually interested, see what intriguing views the Chinese Tao has yielded regarding a firm, healthy female pelvis (which also does wonders for your love life!) Prominent ladies in Chinese society used the so-called ‘jade egg’ to strengthen the pelvis… Saida Desilets wrote the book ‘The blossoming of the sensual woman’ about this. What better time to read about that?

Mineral salts: where and how

The mineral salts are available both online and at the drugstore for 8.95. More information and sales also via the website

Not science, so do it yourself (yet).

It is shameful to see how much the male body has remained the standard in medical science, following the example of the ancient Greeks. Fortunately, this is finally changing. But if you are a woman and you are approaching menopause, the motto is: take up the matter yourself. There are good books on the market that offer realistic insights into how you can improve your own balance during menopause through diet, exercise and other healthy matters. There are organizations such as Care For Women that are involved in this. Whatever you do, don’t blindly follow the medical mill. Orient and inform yourself. Try nutrition, exercise, supplements and/or homeopathy. It is your body!

What is the transition?

Menopause is a phase at the end of the female life cycle of fertility. On average, the transition takes four years. Your body uses this period to move from the first hormonal changes through a process of adjustment to a new hormonal balance. The duration of this period varies per woman. The degree of discomfort also varies. There are women who sail through the menopause in no time, and others who really suffer from it. Not only dietary patterns have an influence, but also the question of whether you accept that human life – especially as a woman – is cyclical and that you sometimes have to pay more attention to your body and mind, instead of running ‘happily’ as usual. . In any case, hormonal changes are the main causes of complaints that you can experience during menopause.

About VSM Schüssler

Schüssler mineral salts is a homeopathic medicine, which is applied according to the therapy of Dr. Schüssler. The Schüssler mineral salts from VSM are suitable for adults and children from 6 years.

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