Lose weight with the Dr. Phil diet

Dr. Phil’s diet is not only a change in diet, but also in your lifestyle. The mental aspect is also taken into account. This together is a key to success in losing weight. This is a diet that is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight at a leisurely pace, but in a responsible manner. Is the Dr. Phil Diet a good way to lose weight?

What the Dr. Phil diet entails

In addition to improving your lifestyle, we also look at how you can adjust your thoughts. Dr. Phil does not believe in a strict diet that you have to follow to lose weight. By cutting out foods, there is a chance that these foods will become an obsession. He believes that if you lose weight very quickly, there will eventually be a relapse, which will cause you to gain it back. In the long term, it is necessary to adjust your lifestyle so that you can lose weight permanently. Dr. Phil gives 7 keys to success:

    1. Evaluate negative thoughts for truth
    2. Resolve emotional issues that trigger eating
    3. Make sure your environment doesn’t encourage you to eat
    4. Learn why you eat and gain control over it
    5. Know what healthy food is and choose it
    6. Make exercise part of your life
    7. Seek support from others

What do you have to do to achieve success?

Just like when following diets, you will generally have to eat less and healthier with the Dr. Phil diet. It is also important to get enough exercise. He recommends 20 minutes of exercise at least three times a week. The difference with other diets is that with the Dr. Phil diet you not only tackle the way you eat and exercise, but you also look at why you have an unhealthy lifestyle. This will give you a positive attitude and emotional and physical self-control. You will delve deeper into certain questions such as:

    • Why do you eat the way you eat?
    • Do you eat because you see the food?
    • Do you eat because you want comfort and to feel better?
    • Can’t you say no when someone offers you something tasty?
    • Has it become a habit?

Many people use food for a specific function. Only when you know why you eat without actually being hungry can you replace it with something else and adjust your eating pattern.


Because losing weight takes place at a leisurely pace and the entire lifestyle is adjusted, this diet is easy to maintain and lifelong results can be achieved. In addition to actually losing weight, the mental aspect is also taken into account. This makes the chance of falling back into an old pattern much smaller.


This diet is not suitable for someone who wants to lose weight quickly. It takes a lot of patience before you get results. If you also examine your mental aspects, various things may emerge. This can also bring up negative feelings.


People who lose weight quickly will be happy with the results achieved. However, in most cases, the pounds gain back on after following the diet because people tend to fall back into the old pattern. This creates the so-called
“yo-yo effect”. This is not healthy for the body. In addition, it is not good for your mental health to fluctuate in your weight. By adjusting your lifestyle and thoughts about food, you will lose weight permanently. This is much better for your health and motivation. The Dr. Phil diet is suitable for people who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

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