Food Revolution: The New Food

Is the New Food a food revolution? What is healthy eating? What is healthy food? What is the New Food all about? What is the New Food? How healthy are the healthy food products in the supermarket? Is this food revolution an awareness about our own food? Is the need for healthy food growing?


A trip to the supermarket shows us that food products are promoted as:

    • Rich in fiber,
    • low calorie,
    • Fat poor,
    • Light,
    • Less salt and etc.

Do these food products make us healthier? Do these food products make us slimmer? Do these products make us more energetic? Isn’t it time for new rules about nutrition? New rules that we find within the New Food, according to some, a revolution within our food?


What is healthy eating? Do you think a croissant with cheese is healthy food? We are inundated with well-intentioned healthy advice about nutrition, but somewhere in the middle many people have lost the thread. What is healthy eating? What is healthy food? We have heard for years that light products were the answer to our obesity and now it turns out that light products are anything but healthy


There are food products on the supermarket shelves with many health logos, but our health is eroding. We are getting fatter and at the start of the day we are actually already exhausted. That’s not really a sign of health. More and more often we hear about the strangest and strangest diseases. More and more (scientific) research shows that our diet has to do with us getting fatter and our feeling of being exhausted. More than we thought.


It is slowly becoming clear that food products with the health logo in the supermarket are not good for our bodies. But not everyone realizes that these food products also damage the environment.


Should we become more aware of our food? It has now become easier for consumers to find out where the food comes from, where it was produced and how. As consumers, we can also learn to look critically at products such as light. Fat gives flavor to a product. If you remove these fats, manufacturers add many chemical additives and sugars to the light product, so that the product becomes edible again. All these extra chemical additives won’t make you really happy.

Healthy food

Especially during busy and stressful times, the need for healthy food is necessary for your body. Many people also want to eat differently to feel more energetic. A big plus of healthy eating is that you can lose weight without having to follow strict diets. Eat as pure and as real as possible, fresh!


The need for healthy food, for healthy nutrition, is growing. Supermarkets and shops are increasingly responding to this growing need. Organic products show an increase in turnover. Chefs also understand this trend and are switching to the 80 20 system: 80% vegetables and 20% meat.


America, the country with many overweight inhabitants and the country that, according to many, started the food problems, is probably now leading the way with the solution: the New Food. A food movement has emerged there and is growing, led by Michael Pollan. Michael Pollan wrote about the New Food: A plea for real food. (Labor Press.)

New Food

What does the New Food entail?

    • Eat as local as possible: Eat local products,
    • Eat as regionally as possible,
    • Eat as seasonally as possible,
    • Don’t eat processed food,
    • Do not eat products with additives,
    • Eat a chicken fillet from a chicken that has been raised in a healthy way (costs double, but it is much better for your own health!)
    • Eat consciously, chew consciously, eat at the table and not in front of the TV or computer,
    • Eat as fresh as possible: the fresher the food the better,
    • Do you use common sense when it comes to your own diet, for example: Chips with olive oil that are good for your heart? Chocolate puffs with extra added fiber?


But what is the New Food actually about? The New Food is all about fresh, high-quality products that you taste with more attention.

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