Losing weight and stress, why is it so difficult?

Why is losing weight during stress so difficult? Losing weight and having a lot of stress in your life, is it possible? Do your eating habits change when you experience stress? What is the danger of stress if you want to lose weight? What are the consequences of stress? Does your eating behavior change under the influence of stress? Do you eat less but snack more? Food is a way to deal with stress. Do you eat away your stress by snacking more? Are you unable to lose weight due to stress?

Consequences of stress

Not everyone is aware of stress. We can unconsciously eat more under the influence of stress. A person can also eat less under the influence of stress. The consequences of stress can manifest themselves in weight gain, sometimes in weight loss.


There are different ways to deal with stress. One will unconsciously:

    • Eating more and snacking more,
    • The other person will be so busy due to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol that they will skip meals and lose weight due to the busyness.
    • Another skips meals, but eats so much sweets that they gain weight.


What is the danger of stress if you want to lose weight? If someone experiences a lot of stress in their life, they will be less hungry. The feeling of hunger decreases with the increase in stress. This makes it easy to skip meals. The danger of stress is that by eating more sweets you can reduce stress symptoms.

To eat

Do you eat away your stress with sweets and snacks? Do you skip meals under the influence of stress? Then there is a very good chance that stress will become fattening. Food is then a way for you to deal with stress. Skipping meals and eating more sweets is your way of dealing with stress. It is very common for people to unconsciously eat more sweets due to stress.


Are you an emotional eater? Do you eat more due to stress? And is the food often unhealthy food that you eat due to stress? There is a good chance that you are gaining weight and that you are an emotional eater. Eating and snacking is a way for you to get rid of that annoying feeling that causes stress. Snacking seems to reduce the annoying symptoms of stress.


During stressful situations, many people reach for a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate. Mainly to get rid of the restless feeling of stress. Chips and chocolate are foods that cause and reinforce an uneasy feeling. It is much better not to use foods that increase the agitated feeling during stressful situations.


Where does the stress come from? Why do you snack more because of stress? Are you afraid of not being liked? Are you afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings? Are you afraid of confrontations? Where does the feeling that you have to eat due to stress come from? Consciously investigate why you eat more due to stress.


It is often the fear of hurting someone else, that you do not know what to do with adversity, pain, judgment and betrayal, which causes you to eat more during stress. Face the adversity, the pain, the judgment and the betrayal bravely. Experience the setback, the pain, the judgment and the betrayal instead of burying these feelings by eating a large bag of chips. It’s just a moment and the moment passes.

To fall off

If we want to lose weight, we need to find a way to manage stress without reaching for unhealthy foods. Exercising vigorously every day is not only excellent for losing weight, but also an excellent way to deal with stress. An hour of vigorous exercise in the fresh air every day does wonders for both stress and your weight!

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