Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris di Telepon

Non is calling Mella to invite her to The Kawah Darajat Non : Hello Mela Mela’s Mother : Hello, good afternoon. This is Mela’s mother speaking.

Non : Good afternoon Mela’s mother, I am Non Rianty. Could I speak to Mela, please?
Mela’s Mother : Sure, hold on !.
Non : Okay.
Mela : Hello Non, how are you doing?
Non : Hello Mela, I’m fine thanks. Mela, are you doing anything next weekend?
Mela : No, not really, why?
Non : Well, Atin, Dewi, Elsa and I plan to go to the Kawah Darajat, we will go to the creater behind our school. Could you like to come?.

Mela : Sure, I’d love to.
Non : We will meet at Dewi’s house tomorrow to talk about the plan.
Mela : Tomorrow? I think, I won’t be able to make it. My mother and I are going to shopping.
Non : Okay never mind, I’ll call you tomorrow night to let you know about the plan. Is that okay?
Mela : Sure.
Non : Okay Mela, I have to go now. I have so many things to do this afternoon.
Mela : Okay Non, Bye ^_^
Non : Bye . . . .


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