Contoh Teks Descriptive dan Memo Bahasa Inggris

English Assignment: Make The Descriptive Text Name: Non Rianti Ps.A Class: VIII-D My Pet I have a pet. My pet is a cat, its full name is Iboy Rion Lavigne, but his nick name is Iboy. He comes from Belanda. This cat is give from my father for my birthday prize.

He is very adorable cat. He has a soft fur with black and white spot, his beautiful eyes because his eyes purple color and his tail so very long. He walks with four feet. Everyday I give Iboy cat food and vitamins in once two day. Iboy likes milk and he always drinking a glass of milk after he eat and sleep.

He likes to go to the toilet alone, because he does not like to defe cate everywhere. If he saw me running he likes joined too in the rush. Iboy likes to sleep on the carpet. He also sometimes likes to sleep on the chair in the family room. If he wakes up he always moves into my room and wakes me up.

It is the descriptive of my cat that beautifulJ


English Assignment: Make The Memo

Name: Non Rianti Ps.A



Mom, I borrowed your shoes. The one with white and red spots, and rape with yellowish color. I need it for playing basket ball.

Thank you so much Mom !

Non Rianti J