Skin care in the fall

The skin could use a little more attention in the autumn. On the one hand, because you have had significantly more sun on your skin (at least, there is a good chance) and on the other hand, because you are in a different environment or climate, you may eat and live differently. Your skin is the first to be affected by a different environment.

The skin

In addition to being a multifunctional organ that makes the outside just a little more appetizing, the skin is also a signaling organ. Because if you know your skin well, you will be the first to see a change. A change that you expect, for example if you go into the sun you may first become red and then brown or immediately brown. These are logical steps that your skin takes to protect you. But your skin can also react to other foods by discoloring, some people get itching and others get a rash. And if there is dirt in the air, the skin will try to protect your body. Unfortunately, this does not always work.

The autumn

Autumn is a season when you can give your skin a boost, because after the summer many people’s skin has taken a big hit. The warm sun, which has discolored the skin, has also made the skin drier and you then simply switch to the warm, dry air of the indoor heating.

Tackle your skin


You tackle your skin by first tackling the top layer. You tackle the top layer by thoroughly scrubbing your skin . Take a firm scrub that suits your skin (ranging from a scrub with light grains to sea salt incorporated into a scrub) and scrub your skin vigorously. If you use an oil-based scrub, your skin will not dry out, but will be cared for immediately. Wonderful for every skin and perhaps a must for naturally dry skin. And don’t forget to include your feet. So also scrub the soles of the feet, heels and forefoot well.

If you then take a shower , it is good to take a short lukewarm shower. Not too hot and not too long, that is not good for the skin. Make sure the scrub is rinsed thoroughly and wash briefly with a shower oil instead of a shower foam. The foam dries out the skin, while the oil adds something to your skin. When you use it for the first time, it feels significantly different from shower foam, but cleans just as well. Also consider this when you cleanse your facial skin.

Pat your skin thoroughly dry and then, preferably, apply a body cream instead of a body lotion. Scrubbing makes the skin absorb better. Not all brands have body creams in their range, but there are also odorless body creams. If you prefer to use your body lotion, use the body cream at least on the extra dry parts such as the shins, feet, knees and elbows. Let it absorb for a while and then apply body lotion over it if desired. Let everything soak in thoroughly before putting on the clothes.

Face and hands

Treat the facial skin and hands separately, because the facial skin also needs to be nourished. However, extra nutrition is better during the night, so depending on the time of showering, you may or may not apply a rich cream to the skin. Use a separate cream for the sensitive skin around the eyes and mouth. Most eye creams are also suitable for the delicate skin around the mouth. If you shower in the morning, use a regular protective day cream and apply the extra nourishing night cream in the evening (after cleansing).

The hands are a completely different story. The hands always have to endure a lot, but especially after the summer and with the stove heat in the house, the hands need extra care. Make it a habit to apply a lick of hand cream to your hands after washing (because it dries out). A tube or bottle with the soap dispenser and/or in the handbag prevents you from forgetting.


If your skin does not cope with all your good care and feels unpleasant (a bit tight), do not hesitate to go to the doctor. He/she may be able to give you something that will help your skin recover faster. But remember that the skin is a living substance that also needs some time to recover and no matter how economical you may have been with your skin in the summer, recovery takes time.
But this way you can go into winter comfortably and with beautifully shiny skin.

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